Concrete Batch Plants for Sale

Concrete Batch Plants for Sale: Ready Mix, Precast & Central Mix

FESCO Direct is a full-service dealer for all sizes and types of concrete batch plants, both new and used, from some of the top names in the industry. We offer both accumulative weighing and decumulative weighing plants for ready mix and precast operations. We also supply turnkey plant installation and supervision of plant installation, as well as maintenance, batching plant parts, and troubleshooting services. FESCO Direct works with financial firms to provide working capital and assist business owners financially in other ways. Learn more about how you can begin leasing equipment today.


JEL Concrete Plants standard batch plant models

Acumulator™ Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant for sale

Acumulator™ Ready Mix Plant

The traditional ready mix concrete plant offers maximum material storage capacity. Frequently enclosed – operate seamlessly through all weather conditions.

All standard concrete batch plants manufactured by JEL Concrete Plants may be fully customized to the specifications of the job at hand.

Decumulator™ Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant for sale

Decumulator® Ready Mix Plant

High-speed concrete batching and low-profile design. Simultaneous weighing provides for faster batching and a pre-blending of aggregates resulting in a more homogenous mix. Produce more with the custom-built ready mix decumulative weighing concrete plant.

BudgetBatch™ Ready Mix Low Cost Concrete Batching Plant for sale

BudgetBatch™ Ready Mix Plant

The perfect entry-level or satellite plant. Start with a small, low cost & low production plant and with its expansion capabilities grow into higher production right along with your business. Begin with a budget batch and hit the ground running.

Decumulator® Precast Batching Plant for sale

Decumulator® Precast Batch Plant

Customized to your building and operation. Single or multiple planetary mixer or twin-shaft mixer configurations. The standard Decumulator precast batching plant represents a base model you can easily expand in the future without a major retrofit or complete rebuild.

We source batch plants built to match your production needs.

Ready Mix Dry Batch Concrete Plant for Sale

Ready Mix concrete batch plants

Precast Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Precast concrete batch plants

Central Mix Batch Plant for Sale

central mix concrete batch plants

Mobile and Portable Batch Concrete Plant for Sale

Mobile concrete batch plants

Stationary Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Stationary concrete batch plants

Wet Mix Batch Plant for Sale

Wet mix concrete batch plants

Custom-designed equipment and systems

Stock solutions aren’t for everyone, so FESCO Direct specializes in custom solutions. You provide us with the material type, flow characteristics and general properties (if necessary) and our team of engineers and vendors will design and manufacture the equipment or systems you need to unload, move, store, mix, load and handle whatever material you are working with.

If you are concerned about protecting the design, idea, and technology of the plant we put together for you, we will not share the designs with others or manufacture the equipment for others without your express permission.

New equipment manufacturers we work with:

JEL Concrete Plant Manufacturing

Used Concrete Plants Available Through FESCO Direct

FESCO Direct hosts the used concrete equipment marketplace, a used concrete plant brokering service offering sellers free concrete plant listings. Prospective buyers can search over 100 used concrete plants available for sale.

Containerized Dry & Wet Concrete Batch Plants

FESCO Direct is a trusted dealer of containerized concrete batch plant equipment. Get a containerized dry concrete plant engineered for simplicity or a containerized wet plant for projects that require the entire mixing process. Whatever your needs are, we work with you to find the right equipment.

The 3 types of concrete plants available through FESCO Direct:

What is the difference between Accumulative Weighing and Decumulative Weighing Concrete Plants?

Accumulative Weighing Concrete Plants. With these plants, aggregate is stored in an overhead bin, then dropped into a hopper on load cells (scale) until the desired amount of materials is reached. The material is then discharged onto a transfer conveyor.

Benefits – Accumulative plants usually have large bins (120+ tons) allowing for lots of material storage. Because these plants are frequently enclosed, they offer better control over aggregate moisture and temperature and can operate in all weather conditions.

Decumulative Weighing (Reverse Weighing) Concrete Plants.  These concrete plants do not have overhead aggregate storage. The material is placed in a hopper that sits on load cells (scale).  The scale opens to discharge material onto the transfer conveyor until the desired amount of material has been discharged.

Benefits – Decumulative plants are usually more affordable because they don’t have overhead bins and a feed system. Depending on configuration, decumulative plants can be very high production (over 150 cu. yards per hr.) or very low production (40-60 cu. yards per hr.)

Concrete Batch Plant Components Available Through FESCO

twin shaft mixers for sale

Twin Shaft Mixers

The SmartMix twin shaft concrete mixer has an extra-rigid frame and a work-proven power train with shaft seals built to last the life of the concrete mixer. Ideal for high-speed production of wet precast, SCC and ready-mix concrete, the SmartMix twin shaft is available in sizes ranging from 2 cu yd. output to 6.5 cu yd. output.

planetary mixers for sale

Planetary Mixers

The SmartMix planetary mixer’s wide pan and multi-star mixing yields fast, thorough mixes with no dead zones. Large, fully sealing discharge doors and scooped paddles discharge even SCC with ease. Low sidewalls and wide open access covers make for easy and safe access. Available in 10 sizes from 1/3 cu yd. output to 4 cu yd. output.

mixer washout systems for sale

Washout Systems

Adding a high-powered automatic concrete mixer washout system dramatically reduces the man hours used for cleaning and lowers your maintenance costs. With the time saved on cleaning, you can easily gain an extra 15 to 30 minutes of production time every day. Let us know what type of mixer you’re using and we’ll put together a quote.

aggregate heating systems for sale

Aggregate Heating

FESCO Direct sells the forced air Aggre-Flo® and steam generating Steam-Flo ® aggregate heating systems. Aggre-Flo® available in 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 BTU/hr net heat output. Steam-Flo® available in 11 to 100 Boiler Horsepower. 

reclaimers and recycling systems

Reclaimers & Recycling Systems

FESCO Direct offers several systems from BFK Technologies for reclaiming unused concrete. From the affordably priced Model M6 with a reclaiming capacity of 2-3 yd./hr. to the Model B Snubnose² with the capacity to have 4 trucks discharging at once, these systems efficiently separate unused concrete back to its original aggregates for use in future mixes.

standard & custom aggregate feed systems for sale

Standard & Custom Aggregate Feed Systems

FESCO Direct supplies radial stackers, stationary conveyors with turnheads, inground, and custom feed systems for all brands and models of concrete plants. Standard feed systems have 15-ton bins, but can be expanded to 30 or 40-ton bins or more. We also design and build custom systems to your specifications, including drive-over and back-in.

dust collection systems for sale

Dust Collection Systems

FESCO Direct sells and sources several solutions for dust collection--from the Ready Mix Load Out Dust Collector DC6 by JEL Concrete Plants to the Hopper Top Weigh Hopper Venting Filter and the Zero SiloTop® Venting Filter by WAM ®.  These filtration solutions are all proven, low maintenance and adaptable to virtually any concrete plant.

Contact FESCO Direct to talk about the concrete plant & equipment you need to get it done. We offer concrete plants to customers nationwide, including out of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and beyond.

We partner with JEL Concrete Plants in the manufacture of custom concrete plants

JEL Concrete Plants is our partner concrete batching plant manufacturer - from stationary precast plants to fully mobile ready mix batching plants. Contact JEL Manufacturing and we'll help you source the equipment needed to build your plant exactly to your desired specifications.




Industrial high performance equipment for heating water, cooling water and generating steam in the rugged conditions of a concrete plant and other construction applications. Tailored precisely to your specific concrete plant and production needs.

Customize concrete production to its fullest: FESCO Direct manages the integration of silos, bins, hoppers, conveyors, bulk bag unloaders & powder handling into your unique system.

Maximize production. Minimize waste and mistakes. Automate your new or existing concrete plant with an automatic or manual control system specially engineered for your precast or ready mix concrete plant.

FESCO Direct sells standard & custom concrete plant systems nationwide

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