Concrete Mixers for Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Mixers for Batching Plants

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All jobs are distinct. And all batching systems for those jobs have unique requirements for concrete mixing in terms of application and output. FESCO Direct offers two main mixer types with deep customization capabilities.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Concrete Batch Plants

Twin-Shaft Mixers

A faster, more consistent concrete mix. The popular choice for paving and ready mix operations - little time needed for a very homogenous mix.

Planetary Concrete Mixer for Batch Plant

Planetary Mixers

Most commonly found in precast & product concrete plants. A special type of pan mixer - known for short mix time and aggressive mixing action.

Washout System for Concrete Batch Plant Mixers

Washout Systems

Drastically reduce the man hours for cleaning and lower your maintenance costs with a perfectly compatible washout system for the mixer.

SmartMix Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
The SmartMix is our standard model concrete mixer for batching systems.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers

The SmartMix twin shaft concrete mixer combines an extra-rigid frame with a work-proven power train and innovative shaft seals built to last the life of the concrete mixer, making it ideal for high-speed production of wet precast, SCC and ready-mix concrete.

Because mixing is done above the concrete mixer floor, wear on the liner plates is very low. With its extra hard-wearing liner and paddles, high-efficiency gears and reliable shaft seals, the SmartMix has the lowest operating cost of any twin shaft concrete mixer on the market.

Why choose a twin shaft mixer?

Twin Shaft Mixers are the popular choice for paving and ready mix operations. These concrete mixers usually start around 3 cu. yards and go up to as large as 12 cu. yards. A twin shaft mixer is exactly as it sounds; two mixing shafts with several mixing paddles along each shaft that throw the material together. This aggressive mixing action results in a very homogeneous concrete mix in a very short period of time.

Twin shaft concrete mixers are so fast that it is not uncommon for owners to “double batch” using a  smaller mixer and still maintain the same production as large drum mixer concrete plants. Not only do users of twin shaft mixers get a faster more consistent concrete mix; owners of twin shaft mixers have reported less cement usage in some circumstances for the same PSI and break strength as required when using a drum mixer.

Concrete Batching Planetary Concrete Mixer
The Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer from FESCO Direct.

Planetary Concrete Mixers

A leader in planetary concrete mixer technology, Ocmer’s Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer has a wide pan and multi-star mixing for fast, thorough mixes with no dead zones. Large, fully sealing discharge doors and scooped paddles discharge even SCC with ease. Low sidewalls and wide open access covers make for easy and safe access.

Available in 10 sizes ranging from .5 cu yd. input to 6 cu yd. input (.3 cu yd. output to 4 cu yd. output.)

Why choose a planetary concrete mixer?

Planetary concrete mixers are commonly found in Precast and Product concrete plants. These mixers are usually 1/2 cu. yard up to 3 yards.  Planetary mixers are a special type of pan mixer known for their short mix time and aggressive mixing action.  Imagine mixing a cake with a hand mixer; paddles moving around and mixer rotating around the bowl.  Now imagine 2, 3, 4 or more of these mixers moving around the bowl in a coordinated manner and you can get a good idea of the mixing action of a planetary mixer.

Our SmartMix planetary concrete mixers can have multiple discharge doors, automated washout systems and more.

Washout Systems for Concrete Mixers

Adding a high-powered automatic concrete mixer washout system dramatically reduces the man hours used for cleaning and lowers your maintenance costs. With the time saved on cleaning, you can easily gain an extra 15 to 30 minutes of production time every day.

JEL Concrete Plants builds a high-pressure washout system that is reliable, highly effective and compatible with all types of concrete mixers. The system consists of rotating jets, a high pressure pump and a water reservoir. Let us know what type of mixer you’re using and we’ll put together a quote.

Used Concrete Plant Mixers

FESCO Direct often takes used equipment in trade, then offers it for sale via our used concrete equipment marketplace. All used equipment has been inspected and, when necessary, reconditioned. If you are in the market for a great deal on a concrete plant mixer, check out our used equipment listings.

Advantages Over Drum Mixers

Traditional drum style concrete mixers are the most common and are found at job sites and concrete plants around North America. These mixers are still the best for small contractors manually mixing bags of premix, grout and other small projects where the only other option is mixing by hand.

While a drum style concrete mixer can accomplish the job of mixing concrete at a batch plant, it is not the fastest and most profitable concrete mixer available. With a concrete drum mixer, the material is lifted up, then deposited by gravity onto the top of the material underneath. Strategic placement of paddles encourages further mixing, but the process as a whole often takes 3+ minutes for a mix that is still less homogeneous than the mix received from another mixer in less time.

We do not sell drum mixers - twin shaft and planetary mixers are the way to go.


Contact FESCO Direct and we'll help you figure out the perfect mixer for your batching application.

Wet Mix mobile Ready-Mix Batch Concrete Plant Manufacturer

We partner with JEL Concrete Plants in the manufacture of custom concrete plants

JEL Concrete Plants is our partner concrete batching plant manufacturer - from stationary precast plants to fully mobile ready mix batching plants. Contact JEL Manufacturing and we'll help you source the equipment needed to build your plant exactly to your desired specifications.


Industrial high performance equipment for heating water, cooling water and generating steam in the rugged conditions of a concrete plant and other construction applications. Tailored precisely to your specific concrete plant and production needs.

Customize concrete production to its fullest: FESCO Direct manages the integration of silos, bins, hoppers, conveyors, bulk bag unloaders & powder handling into your unique system.

Maximize production. Minimize waste and mistakes. Automate your new or existing concrete plant with an automatic or manual control system specially engineered for your precast or ready mix concrete plant.

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