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FESCO Direct partners with JEL Concrete Plants for custom manufactured concrete batching equipment.

FESCO Direct partners with JEL Concrete Plants batching plant manufacturers based in Milwaukee, WI for concrete batch plant equipment like mixers, silos, bins, hoppers, conveyorsdust collection gear, manual control systems and more. The lowest prices, streamlined manufacturing practices and 100% USA made components; JEL Concrete Plants routinely outpaces the competition and we’re proud to partner with them in the manufacture of concrete batching equipment.

Ready Mix and Precast Concrete Plants from JEL Manufacturing 

JEL Manufacturing is best-known for its USA-made concrete batching plants. Each system is designed in-house to meet the needs of any customer. With JEL, YOU choose the equipment and features to best-suit high or low volume production. Every concrete bathcing plant manufactured by JEL can be customized to meet the needs of your facility. All parts, controls and accessories are backed by factory warranties. JEl Concrete Plants are built for any production needs including:

JEL Manufacturing Concrete Plants For Sale

Decumulator, Acumulator and Budgetbatch units offer are targeted towards a general application and production volume with options for customization by the user. All concrete plants from JEL are available in stationary or mobile configurations depending on your unique needs. Mobile dry mix plants allow for increased versatility and can even be vehicle-mounted for fast transportation to and from the job site. Stationary plants increase the production output substantially over mobile units by incorporating a large hopper which can be continually loaded by trucks. Stationary plants are a logical choice for high output production where mobility and flexibility are not as important.        

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