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FESCO Direct offers concrete producers two real world proven control systems from Scale-Tron and JEL Concrete Plants. Both systems make accurate batching easy, and both are suitable for Ready Mix or precast concrete plants.

When you work with FESCO Direct, our equipment experts will review your current system and make a recommendation based on both your present and future needs. With over 55 years of collective experience in the concrete plant industry, we have the expertise to assist you in making the best choice for your operation.

Buy Automatic Controls for Concrete Batch Plant
Automatic control system from Scale-Tron.

Batch-Tron Automatic Control System by Scale-Tron

The Batch-Tron control system features a visual and intuitive system with a reliable, easy-to-use touch screen interface and PLC based logic that avoids the problems and costs of maintaining a Windows PC-based system. The concrete batching computer systems are equipped with a full-featured automation controller and are built to hold up in industrial environments.

Buy Manual Controls for Concrete Batch Plant
Manual controls for concrete batching from JEL Concrete Plants.

Manual Concrete Plant Control System by JEL Concrete Plants

This manual control system from JEL Concrete Plants is ideal for concrete producers who don’t need to print tickets and aren’t as concerned with production speed. Each function on your concrete plant can be operated by a switch or button without obstructing view of the built-in scale indicators. Easily customized to the specific functions of your concrete plant.

Contact FESCO Direct now to request more information on control systems for your concrete plant. We proudly serve customers across the U.S., including: 


We Partner with JEL Manufacturing to Produce Custom Concrete Batch Plant Solutions

FESCO & JEL partner up to source automatic and manual concrete batch plant control systems. Our relationship with JEL allows us to deliver fully customized systems at the lowest price possible. Contact JEL Manufacturing for assistance in sourcing control systems.

FESCO Direct sells standard & custom concrete plant systems nationwide

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