Concrete Batching Material Handling & Storage Equipment

Bulk Material Handling & Storage Solutions for Concrete Batching Plants

FESCO Direct works with industry-leading manufacturers to supply a range of customized solutions for bulk material handling using standard equipment. We specialize in sourcing custom-built systems for small to large-sized operations, ranging from completely manual to semi-automatic and automatic systems.

FESCO Direct bulk material handling systems include:

Bulk Bag Unloading

We design our bulk bag systems around the specific bag size, material and production rates you are working with. Options include electric hoist, fork lift, pneumatic blower to silo, and screw/auger.

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Powder Handling

FESCO Direct offers custom conveying solutions for the materials you are using and the rate of speed you require. Options include pneumatic, auger, and systems that can go from super sack to hopper to production line. We also offer custom systems for tanker, rail and barge unloading.

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FESCO Direct offers stationary silos in 10 sizes ranging from 185 bbl to 1200 bbl, with structural drive-thru and non-drive-thru supports. Whether you’re building a plant from scratch or expanding capacity, FESCO silos give you plenty of options.

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Portable Silos

For concrete producers who need mobility, a portable silo is essential. FESCO Direct can source the right sized portable silo, with or without a scale for batching and easily pulled by a 1-ton truck.

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Cement Batchers

FESCO Direct offers cement batchers with 12 or 14 cu. yd. capacity. Butterfly, limit switch, load cells, aeration pads, pneumatic vibrator and gum rubber boot included.

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Aggregate Bins

FESCO Direct offers standard and custom-built hoppers and feed bins for virtually any use. Our weigh bins and aggregate bins are available in both custom and standard designs. With capacities ranging from 20 tons to 120 tons, we have bins for every size operation.

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FESCO Direct offers aggregate hopper batchers with a standard 12 yd. capacity, but we can also have hoppers custom-built to your specifications. They come complete with load cells and are equipped with A/R steel in wear areas.

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FESCO Direct offers a range of conveyor systems for virtually any application, including feed conveyors, transfer conveyors, radial stackers and belt feeders. Tell us the height you need to fill at and we'll calculate how long of a conveyor you’ll need.

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Because of our extensive work with concrete batching, our specialty is with sand, aggregate, cement, fly ash, slag, and water, but we have also worked within the food (powders and liquids), mining and industrial manufacturing industries.

We provide material handling systems to:

  • Unload
  • Move / Convey
  • Store
  • Measure / Weigh / Inventory Management
  • Dispense
  • Package

Let us know what capabilities you need and we will supply a system specifically designed for your business.

Contact FESCO Direct now to request more information on material handling and storage systems.

We Source Bulk Material Handling & Storage Equipment from JEL Manufacturing

When we're sourcing material handling & storage solutions for our concrete batch plants, we partner with JEL. Our relationship with JEL allows us to deliver fully customized systems at the lowest price possible. Contact JEL Manufacturing for assistance in designing your concrete plant.


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