Concrete Aggregate Heating Systems for Concrete Batching

Aggregate Heating Equipment for Concrete Batching

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Keep Your Concrete Plant Fully Operational During Winter

Steam is commonly used to accelerate the curing of concrete products at precast plants and for heating aggregates and limited amounts of water at both ready mix and precast concrete plants. FESCO Direct offers cost-effective, high-performance steam generators from Sioux® that outperform conventional boilers and are ideally suited for small to mid-sized concrete producers, as well as larger operations.

Sioux Aggre-Flo Aggregate Bin Heater

Forced Air Aggregate Heating System
A forced air aggregate heating system from FESCO Direct.

The Aggre-Flo forced air aggregate heating system is designed to heat fine and coarse aggregates to mitigate ice and frozen chunks over winter months. The whole bin is heated to a constant temperature with dry heat that brings no extra moisture into the aggregate. Concrete producers can keep aggregates flowing from bins and get 100% consistent batch quality even through the coldest months.

This forced air aggregate heater lives up to the Sioux reputation and delivers on its promise to keep aggregates flowing through the winter.

Aggregate Heating Solutions for Cold Weather


Aggre-Flo Models

Benefits of Heating Aggregates with Forced Air

Steam-Flo® Steam Generators

Steam-Flo Steam Aggregate Heating Generator
Steam-Flo steam generator for concrete aggregate heating.

Steam-Flo® steam generators are a great alternative to conventional boilers. These units provide a continuous flow of unlimited low-pressure steam, are easy to operate and require only minimal maintenance. 

If you are looking for a low cost, proven system for aggregate heating, you can’t do better than Steam-Flo. These generators have been manufactured since 1939 and have proven themselves in thousands of concrete operations worldwide.

Applications for Steam Generators

  • Heating aggregates
  • Material bunkers
  • Overhead material storage bins
  • Thawing clamshell gates on aggregate bins
  • Speeding up curing in precast, pipe, vault, pre-stress and block operations


  • Meets requirements of CSD-1 of the ASME Code and is built to Section IV of the ASME code.
  • Meets UL and CSA standards
  • Low Nox Steam-Flo® meets California’s South Coast Air Quality Standards.

Steam-Flo® Models

  • SF-25 – 1,010,000 BTU/Hr. (Net Heat Input)
    • LP or Natural Gas Fuel
    • 4 operating amps
    • 24.5 HP, 19kW Boiler
    • 845 lb. / hr. steam output
  • SF-50 – 2,000,000 BTU/Hr. (Net Heat Input)
    • LP, Natural Gas, or #2 Diesel Fuel
    • 10 operating Amps
    • 50 HP boiler

1725 lb. / hr. steam output

Benefits of Heating Aggregate with Steam 

Contact FESCO Direct for the concrete aggregate heating system perfect for your custom built batching plant.

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Industrial high performance equipment for heating water, cooling water and generating steam in the rugged conditions of a concrete plant and other construction applications. Tailored precisely to your specific concrete plant and production needs.

Customize concrete production to its fullest: FESCO Direct manages the integration of silos, bins, hoppers, conveyors, bulk bag unloaders & powder handling into your unique system.

Maximize production. Minimize waste and mistakes. Automate your new or existing concrete plant with an automatic or manual control system specially engineered for your precast or ready mix concrete plant.

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