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Cement weigh batcher machine

Cement Weigh Batchers for Concrete Batching Plants

Sales & Distribution

Concrete weigh batcher
Cement weigh batcher sourced by FESCO Direct.

FESCO Direct works primarily with JEL Concrete Plants to supply our customers with custom-built cement weigh batchers for ready mix and precast plants. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, JEL builds high-quality concrete batching plants and systems in America from US-sourced steel and components.

From portable, trailer mounted units to large, stationary batchers, FESCO specializes in weigh batchers for small to large-sized concrete producers. Our engineering staff will work with you to determine exactly what you need, then have it built for you. With JEL’s lean design and manufacturing process, you can get a custom-built concrete weigh batcher at a very competitive price.

Weigh batcher capabilities

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