California Concrete Batch Plant Sales

California Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Fesco Direct is a nationwide supplier of new and used concrete batch plants in California. We offer some of the most reliable names in the industry and price our concrete plants to be as affordable as possible, so you can be as profitable as possible. We specialize in cost-effective concrete plants that are designed and built in the USA using only American steel and components. We have both accumulative weighing and decumulative weighing plants for ready mix and precast operations. In addition to sales, we supply turnkey plant installation and maintenance, as well as batch plant parts and troubleshooting services.Custom Concrete Batch Plants in California

Our Concrete Batch Designs

Our Acumulator and Decumulator plants use time-tested, proven designs that we can easily customize to your specific needs. Let us know what your needs are and our engineering team will put together a quote for a customized plant designed specifically for your concrete business. Our manufacturing process is what makes it possible to offer very competitive pricing on our plants. We also offer parts and control systems for upgrading or retrofitting an existing plant. A concrete plant from us, designed uniquely for your business and with our pricing, provides you with a plant that'll do exactly what you need for years and years - without breaking the bank today.

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Any standard batch plant model can be customized by our engineers. Contact us to tell us about your project’s specs.


Get Custom Equipment & Systems in California

Stock equipment doesn’t cut it for every application, FESCO Direct also sells custom solutions. Contact us to provide the material type, flow characteristics and general properties. Our engineering team will work with our vendors to design and manufacture the equipment or systems needed to unload, move, store, mix, and load.

We understand discretion, if your company uses proprietary equipment, designs, or software, that will need to be integrated, we will not share designs or replicate your technology without your express permission.


Used Concrete Batching Equipment in California

Fesco DIRECT invests in buying JEL, Sioux, and Wamgroup equipment since they are some of the most reliable manufacturers in the market. Routinely working with businesses to secures batch planting equipment at lower costs. Used parts/plants we receive include full concrete plants, silos, concrete mixers, water heaters, conveyors, and cement blowers.


California Control Systems for Concrete Batch Plants

FESCO Direct carries concrete batch plant control systems from leading manufacturers in the country, Scale-Tron and JEL Concrete Plants. Our automatic control system, known as Batch-Tron, from Scale-Tron, is a visual and intuitive system with a reliable, easy-to-use touch screen interface and PLC-based logic. This avoids the inconvenience of maintaining a Windows PC-based system. Batch-Tron is a full-featured automation controller built to hold up in industrial environments. We also offer a manual control system from JEL Concrete Plants. This system is ideal for concrete producers who aren’t as concerned with production speed. Each function on your concrete plant can be operated by a switch or button and the system can be easily customized to the requirements of your plant. By using our control system, you can ensure that your concrete plant in California runs smoothly.


New equipment manufacturers we work with:


                          JEL Concrete Plant Manufacturing                                      


Look into our leasing options for batch planting equipment.


Concrete Batch Plant Parts: Build Your System

Contact FESCO Direct to discuss your options and get a quote on your system.

We partner with JEL Concrete Plants in the manufacture of custom concrete plants

JEL Concrete Plants is our partner concrete batching plant manufacturer - from stationary precast plants to fully mobile ready mix batching plants. Contact FESCO Direct and we'll help you source the equipment needed to build your plant exactly to your desired specifications.

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FESCO Direct sells standard & custom concrete plant systems nationwide

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