Silo Level Indicators and Silo Weighing for Batching Systems

Silo Level Indicators & Weighing Systems for Concrete Batching Control Systems

Accurate weights are essential for producing quality concrete and to prevent overfilling or running out of material. FESCO Direct supplies two ingenious silo solutions from Scale-Tron to help keep your business productive and profitable. We also have level indicators and load cells.

SiloWeight Silo Weighing System Level Indicator
The SiloWeigh silo weighing system for concrete batch plants.

SiloWeigh Silo Weighing System for Concrete Batching Plants

Another great product from Scale-Tron, the SiloWeigh tells you the contents of your silo or vessel by measuring the actual weight of the silo and contents to give a true picture of the amount on hand. No more running out of material, no more overfilling. SiloWeigh is more accurate than level sensors, costs less than load cells, has no moving parts to fail and can easily be retrofit on most silos.

  • Cost comparable to a level sensor
  • Indoor display, accurate within 2%
  • Works on most silos including skirted silos
  • Easy to install
  • No structural modifications
  • No need to lift silo onto load cells
  • Install yourself
  • Not affected by weather or extreme temperatures
SiloWeigh.Net Silo Content Management Software Interface
SiloWeigh.Net silo content management software interface.

SiloWeigh.Net Silo Content Management Software

SiloWeigh.Net is an inventory management and control system that allows you to remotely monitor the weight of material in silos or vessels. Based on the proven SiloWeigh system, the remote units measure the weight in your silos and display the information via the Internet on your computer monitor. When Internet is not available, the information can be accessed via a cellular radio network. Readings are stored in an SQL database and can be retrieved via a secure Internet site.

  • Predict when deliveries will be necessary
  • Manage unlimited number of vessels
  • Capable of weighing both sections of a divided silo and showing each separately
  • Displays true weight; not level or volume (accurate within 2%)
  • No special software needed, just connect to local network connection
Contact FESCO Direct for more information on Scale-Tron silo weighing systems, or to request a quote.

We Partner with JEL Manufacturing to Produce Custom Concrete Batch Plant Solutions

FESCO & JEL partner up to source automatic and manual concrete batch plant control systems. Our relationship with JEL allows us to deliver fully customized systems at the lowest price possible. Contact JEL Manufacturing for assistance in sourcing control systems.

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